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1. We Are:

CNCglass is focusing on the research and development (R&D) and producing EVA FILM interlayer for Laminated Glass.(Learn more)

2. EVA Film Products:

2.1Super-Clear Filmfor Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass

Product Description Code Thickness*Width* Length



For Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass

CNC-76SC 0.76mm*2250mm*50M
CNC-38SC 0.38mm*2250mm*100M


-Great Light Transmission, ≧92%

-Almost Totally UV Blocked, ≧96.7%

-Long Weather Resistance, ≧16 years

-Great Tensile Strength, ≧13 Mpa

-Good Adhesive Strength, ≧2Kg/cm

-Qualified Impact Resistance

-Qualified Moisture Resistance


-Display cases


-Banking facilities

-Solar control requirements

-Glass floors

-Sound control

-Entrance doors

-Furniture and home decoration

-hotel hall

-Office decoration

-Commercial and residential glazing

-Safety glazing

2.2Black and White FILM for Decorative Laminated Glass

Series Type Thickness*Width*Length
White-opaque CNC38WO 0.38mm*2000mm*50M
White-Half-Clear CNC38WH 0.38mm*2000mm*50M
Black-opaque CNC38BO 0.38mm*2000mm*50M

2.3Colored-Half-Clear Film for Decorative Laminated Glass

Colored-Half-Clear Thickness*Width*Length
CNC38CH-R Red 0.38mm*2000mm*50M
CNC38CH-LY Lemon Yellow
CNC38CH-B Blue
CNC38CH-DG Deep Green
CNC38CH-GG Grass Green
CNC38CH-PU Purple

2.3Colored-Clear Film for Decorative Laminated Glass

Colored-Clear Thickness*Width*Length
CNC38CC-R Red 0.38mm*2000mm*35M
CNC38CC-LY Lemon Yellow
CNC38CC-OY Orange Yellow
CNC38CC-B Blue
CNC38CC-DG Deep Green
CNC38CC-GG Grass Green
CNC38CC-PU Purple


CNC Colored Films are often used to laminated with PET dorsal membrane, Painting paper (PP, PVC), and fabric etc.; More than 18 colors are available for our customer to produce NEW CONCEPT Decorative Laminated Glass of great artistic sense, which mainly implied in High-end Hotel, Museum Show Window , Bathroom Sliding Door, etc.

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