Shaped Glass Edging & Beveling Machine(2) Glass Drilling Machine(1)


This machine adopt time relay controller and oil buff technology.  The
centering of drill hole can be positioned by means of mechanical
method or laser.  Pneumatic clamper grip glass with adjustable
pressure.  The machine has two working status: manual & automatic.  In
manual mode, the machine only work one cycle.  In automatic mode, the
machine works continuously.  The machine is featured by its high
working efficiency, low glass damage and easy operation.

Diameter of drilling hole: 4-100mm
Glass thickness: 3-30mm
Total Power: 2.2Kw
Drill speed 850r/min, 1400 r/min, 2300 r/min
Max. distance of drill hole center to frame 1000mm
Weight: 850kg
Overall dimension: 1.7mx1mx1.6m


Double Edging Machine(1)
Glass Wave Beveling Machine(1)
Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine(5)
Glass Edging & Mitering Machine(4)
Glass Straight Line Edging Machine(7)
Glass Straight Line Round Grinding Machine(1)
Shaped Glass Edging & Beveling Machine(2)
Glass Drilling Machine(1)



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Foshan City, P.R.C

ZXM glass Machinery co.,ltd was found in 2001, Through these years,
ZXM has grown into a company owning 160 staff and production capacity
of 1000 machine per year. From the foundation of the company, ZXM has
been concentrating on developing glass grinding machine, and specially
developed 5 series, over 20 different models.  The new products are
constantly being developed.
Thanks to years of accumulation in glass grinding technology, ZXM has
been acknowledged as a professional supplier for glass grinding
machine by customer in local and abroad.
In addition to standard products, ZXM Also provide special product
design service for customer.

Glass Double Straight line Edger(ZBSBM/2500-16) Glass Washing & Drying Machine

Glass Double Straight line Edger(ZBSBM/2500-16)
Thcikness of the processing glass
3mm to 25mm
grinding speed
parallel tolerance of processing glass
diagonal tolerance of processing glass
chamfer tolerance
compress air pressure
4kg/cm square–8kg/cm square
width size of inverted angle
max grinding quantity of bottom edge

Glass Double Straight line Edger(ZBSBM/2500-16)
Glass Washing & Drying Machine
Glass Drilling Machine-LK-ZKJ-1000
Safety Glass Lamination Line
Glass Automatic Rotation and Transferring Machi


Shanghai liankang Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Shanghai liankang Machinery Co.,Ltd., proud of being endowed with
teams in which Experienced Engineers and Qualified Quality Meanagement
Staff are gathered, and of holding Advanced Glass Deep-processing
Technology, especially, the Imported Precision Mechanical Equipments,
is specialized in manufacturing Glass Deep Processing Machineries.
With the continuous efforts at improving on the function and quality,
we successfully designed and manufactured Advanced and Hi-quality
Glass processing Machineries featuring reliability in function and
convenience in operation, winning accolades from the users. At
present, our flagship products having outstanding features include:
Large or Small Glass Double Straight Line Edging Machine Series. Glass
Double Straight Line Round Edging(Grinding) Machine Series, Glass
Washing & Drying Machine Series, Glass Drilling Machine Series. Glass
Lamination Production Line, and Cup Suction Series etc. Furthermore,
our company is putting more efforts on Studying and Developing
Automatic-controlled Machineries for meeting special requirements of
those special customers from Developed Countries. Business of O.E.M or
O.D.M is available. Addresses by Company President: Thanks to the
supports from all various fields, we made a lot of achievements and
won applauds in the past years. For further development, we sincerely
are willing to be hand in hand together with the friends all over the
world in exploring world market and sharing the successes on the basis
of mutual benefits with the operation mindset of “Trust, Co-op.
Reality, Innovation” we always abide by.
President:Mr. Yu Guanghua

Beveling Edging Machine Straight-Line Machine Round Edging Machine Inside and outside the circle Internal and external circular


Product Features:
This machine is suitable for grinding flat glass, including
straight-line bevel and bottom grinding, it can complete bevel edge
rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and bottom grinding at one
time; it uses a direct-type grinding motor, which is compact with low
noise; less fault; the motor controls the overall oscillation angle of
the double screws, with digital display of the thickness, speed
andangle of the glass under processing; it also has a front beam
lifting function, and it has such good features as advanced structure,
high precision, easy operation and wide processing range etc, it is a
multi-functional machine dedicated for processing wide bevel edge
glass and small pieces of glass.


Main techno logy parameter
Feeding speed
5000kg size
Max.bevel width
Glass thickness
Overall Size

Is intended to Glass Machinery Factory take full advantage of the
personnel to play the industry expertise, integration of resources,
and constantly develop an international leader in products to win
customer trust, more famous at home and abroad! After years of
efforts, the company has now developed into an independent research
and development, design, manufacturing and improve the service system
in one of the glass processing equipment companies

Beveling Edging Machine
Straight-Line Machine
Round Edging Machine
Inside and outside the circle
Internal and external circular
Double Edging Machine
Contour milling machine
Abrasive Trimming
Sand Spraying Machine
Laminating machine
Fillet Machine
Drilling Machine
Cutting Process Line


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Highway 105), Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
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Foshan Shunde Zhengyi Glass Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer
specialized in producing glass deep processing equipment, with rich
experience accumulated in twelven years of production, strong
technical force, and excellent processing equipment.
The company is located in the center of the beautiful and rich Pearl
River Delta, it is only15 kilometers away from Foshan City, 30
kilometers away from Guangzhou, and its transportation is very
convenient.At present, the products of the company include: beveling
machine series, straight edge machine series, special shape machine
series, cleaning machine series, drilling machine series and other
glass deep-processing equipment of all kinds of varieties and
specifications, it can also specifically design customized products
according to the specific requirements of users: Wide beveling
machines, ultra-small glass piece edge milling machines, special shape
grinding machines and scalloped edge grinding machines and so on. Its
products have good quality and reliable performance.
“developing by technology, Integrity and responsibility.” is the
company’s business tenet. All of our products are made under this
tenet in each procedure, from design, manufacturing, to services.
Users’ need is our motive power; customer satisfaction is the best
assessment to us, promoting the development of the industry is the
social return of Zhengyi Machinery.

10 Things You Should Know of Laminated Glass Inserted with EVA Film

10 Things You Should Know of Laminated Glass Inserted with EVA Film



10 Things You Should Know of Laminated Glass Inserted with EVA Film


10 Things You Should Know of Laminated Glass Inserted with EVA Film

Machinery Accessories Series Aluminum Product Series Idler Wheel Series

Machinery Accessories Series
Aluminum Product Series
Idler Wheel Series
Rubber Series
Electric Accessories Series
Stepless Derailleur Series
Glass Cutting Series
Grinding Wheel Series
Other Crafts
S.Y.T. Glass Machinery Accessories Co,. Ltd.
Head Office Address: No.8, Xinjiao Industry Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Tel:+0086-0757-22202158  22202159
Branch Office (Showroom) Address:No. 10-13, Huayue Mingju, No.2, Shiji Road, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City
Tel:+0086-0757-23627161  22818513
Located at Shunde, Guangdong province, which is crowned as “Capital of Glass Machinery”, Shunyuetai Glass Machinery & Accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional business company integrating with production, sales and maintenance technology consultation as a whole and specializing in deep processed diamond wheel, resin wheel, Polishing wheel, tools of cutting and measuring, accessories of all kinds of glass machinery, hardware & tools related to glass, products related to glass process as well as plastics in glass machinery and wearing parts of rubber. In addition, we also engage in interlayer materials of latest interlayer glasses, craftwork cloth and PVC glue. Also, the sorts of craftwork cloth are over 100 with bright color and beautiful patterns, which is suitable for decorating house or hotel as interlayer glass. It will bright your house or hotel and add a scenery in house or hotel.
Shunyuetai owns a manufacturing plant covering an area of 2600m2 and a sales brand covering an area of 500m2. In recent years, we input more manufacturing equipments and improve the production capacity on a large scale. We introduce the most advanced production technology and manufacturing machinery with best quality from the overseas market in order to manufacture better products. Now, the company has a group of professional experts with excellent technology to provide more professional and better services for our clients. We are still on the way to innovate and welcome more talents and technologies to join us. The sales branch has all products and we welcome you to visit or purchase.

How to Make Glass Laminated Bullet-Proof Glass

Today i read a good post of how to make glass laminated bullet-proof glass.
It’s very useful and clear of how to process it.
I think it’s helpful so i share it here.
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How to Make Glass Laminated Bullet-Proof Glass

Bullet-proof glass is made from different types of plastic, including glass laminate, polycarbonate, acrylic and glass-clad polycarbonate. The thickness of the material and refining process help to determine its strength. Laminating a pane of glass with a bullet-proof material will strengthen it and make it bullet-proof.
Remove the glass from its frame.

Position the glass on mount that is perfectly level.

Measure the dimensions of the glass.

Clean the glass with a rubbing alcohol-soaked paper towel. This leaves it spotless and clean.

Cut a clear glass clad polycarbonate pane to the dimensions of the glass.

Carefully pour a liquid clear polyurethane epoxy on to the glass. It should spread smoothly and evenly. Put a drop cloth under the edges of the glass because the epoxy will spill over. Pour enough on so the entire pane is coated thoroughly.

Carefully place the glass-clad polycarbonate pane on top of the glass.

Align the edges of both panes. Let the epoxy run off. Allow the weight of the glass-clad polycarbonate to push the epoxy off.

please go to following link to read it.
please go to following link to read it.

Read more: How to Make Glass Laminated Bullet-Proof Glass |

First in first out:RULE OF STORAGE OF EVA FILM

First in first out:RULE OF STORAGE OF EVA FILM

When we talking about storage of EVA Film.

Most EVA Film manufacturers will guarantee that self life of EVA Film for laminated glass is 6 months to 1 years.
So when store the EVA Film, please remember “first in first out” rule.
Make sure you use the EVA film you order early.
And also make sure you use the EVA Film during the self life period.
Because after the EVA FILM expired, maybe the adhesive strength, impact strength and transparency will be decline.

EVA encapsulation film line

SIMCHENG has also designed EVA film line whose applications are :

Security flat interlayer glass 、arc interlayer glass、arts and crafts interlayer glass、bulletproof glass、discoloration interlayer glass、Intelligent conductive glass and other special deep processing glass like solar battery.

The basic characteristics of EVA encapsulation film line

1、Additive,mixture of materials and dosing feeder. 2、Prevention from pre-heating Crosslinking reaction of peroxide.

3、The solution to the problems of adhering roll during the period of forming. 4、To ensure the complete forming and stable performance of the transition unit.

5、The recycling and utilization of the of the edge trim. 6、Uniform of winding films,at the same time toensure the appropriate tightness.

7、Closed loop control,PLC man-machine interface operation. 8、Efficient flowing distribution and temperature control stableness of the Die.


Add:A District,Shishan industrial zone,Nanhai,Foshan,528225 China

Tel:+86757 81207008

Fax:+86757 81207001


For specialized cast film machine, why not choose SIMCHENG?

SIMCHENG specializes in designing and manufacturing a series of cast film lines, such as CPP/CPE film line, PVB glass interlayer film line, EVA high-viscosity film line. Due to high quality, high performance, high technology products, we have achieved best reputation in the plastic industry in the domestic market and have set our long-term goal to build a global brand of cast film machinery.

·Advanced manufacturing ability of complex machine

We are the first manufacturer of super width (5,000mm) and high-speed CPP/CPE cast film line, PVB glass interlayer film line and EVA cast film line in china. With our high technology products, we have been awarded advanced science and technology prizes of national level for many times.

To meet the needs of high precision machining, the company has imported advanced large-scale processing center, such as 4-shaft, 5-shaft (vertical, horizontal or pentahedron type) machining centre, CNC compound machining centre, which ensures to provide high-quality and precision components.

·Value-added solution

Our efforts are not only to provide high quality products, but also to utilize existing product technologies adapted to meet specific customer’s requirements in developing, designing and manufacturing complex machines. With our know-how and extensive knowledge in production process, sources of suppliers for raw material and auxiliary equipment, we have the ability to provide necessary technical consulting and other value-added services to our customers.


We are the leading company in the industry in China to challenge the existing technologies. On yearly basis, our R&D team would work on new projects to improve the technology of the engineering of the machine, to develop the key components and key process of the whole set of line. We work closely with universities and institutions and we are able to apply the latest technology with Simcheng cast film lines.

·Simcheng, Your Reliable Partner !


Horizontal Roller hearth Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

Horizontal Roller hearth Flat Glass Tempering Furnace


Glass Tempering Machine of this series is widely used for producing tempered glass for architecture, decoration, furniture, home appliance, etc. This machine adopts advanced computer control technology controlling automatically, and can estimate and deal with the failure from long-distance by internet.

Horizontal Glass Tempering Furnace Series

1 、 PTP loading stepping function. Set stepping length according to the length of glass sheets.

2 、 Automatic length detection device. Trace the glass length on loading table, so as to adjust the reciprocating route and cycle of glass sheets inside the heating furnace and wind bar.

3 、 The touch screen man-computer interface. The main control system adopts Mitsubishi components, and the operation system adopts Mitsubishi color touch panel. Simple man-computer interface makes it easy to operate. The dynamic picture is available for modifying all technical parameters on line easily. When producing different variety and size of glass, the parameters can be saved in order form, and called at any time, so as to shorten non-productive time and raise the finished product rate.

4 、 Up-to-date heat preservation technology is adopted in the furnace, The preservation system has the same life as the furnace. SCR is triggered over zero. No pollution to power supply system.

5 、 Silica ceramic roller with larger diameter . Long service life, powerful heat conservation capacity.

6 、 Heat balance system. Speed up air flow stirring, so as to improve furnace temp homogeneous.


Address: No.4939, Hangtang Road, Fengcheng town, Fengxian

District,Shanghai City,P.R. China

Tel: +86-21-57170226 +86-21-50392561

Fax: +86-21-57170216






Shanghai Eastern Glass Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of glass processing machinery in China, we mainly produce:* Laminating Line, Mosaic glass producing Line, Tempering Furnace, Cutting table & breaking table, Glass Edging Machinery. High technology precision, wide application, stable function and simple operation are the characteristics of the products.

With the business mind “higher technology, higher quality and good service “, Our products are ensured qualified, safe, humane to customers and competitive in price with good operation of internal ISO system, strict CE control to design, purchase and production. High quality products and perfect post-sale services help the promotion in domestic and overseas market.

We do our best to offer our customers the high quality products and best continuous service .Our sincere and perfect sales team can supply with the operators training, installation, commissioning running and after service during sales period.

Shanghai Eastern Glass Technology Co., Ltd will offer you best quality products, timely shipments and most competitive prices all the time


clear and tinted float glass

clear and tinted float glass

tempered glass

Laminated glass

Insulated glass

Wired glass

Patterned glass

Silver mirror

Aluminium mirror

Qingdao Century Glass Co.,Limited

General Manager’s Office:

Contact: Eric.Z

Email: ● Mobile: 86-13860015865

Foreign Trade Department:

Domestic Sales Department:

Contact: Jennifer

Contact: Zailai Jin


Tel: +0533-5961001-206

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Securities Department:

HR Department;

Contact:Yibin Tang

Contact: Yang Liu

Tel: +86-0533-5961001-203

Tel: +0533-5961001-207

Qingdao Century Glass Co.,Limited locates in the beautiful city of glass: China – Qingdao, just 4 km from the Jinan-Qingdao highway and , 30 km from Qingdao Port, transportation is very convenient, we can export from Qingdao Port to all the countries, which can maximize the savings in transport time and shorten the delivery time.

Qingdao Century Glass Co.,Limited is a professional flat glass manufacture in China. We have done glass business since 1998.our company covers an area of 60,000 square meters and because of our continuously effort and strict quality controlling,we have achieved “ISO9001″ and “CE” certification, now we have successfully export our products to many countries,like Canada, Malaysia, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Pakistan and so on.

Based on our goal of “meet your flat glass need “, in our company, according to the different needs of our customers, we will provide them with specialized services,so we could provide you best quality products with the least cost.

No matter how special the flat glass your need, please contact us,let’s see what can we do for you,our team will try best to work for you. Century Glass won’t never let you down.